Wine and Champagne Bottle Chiller, Portable, Single Bottle, Cooler Wrap Sleeve, Alcohol not included

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Manufacturer Description

No more messy ice buckets, running to the fridge or having your wine go warm again!
Primo Vino Wine and Champagne Chiller Wrap Sleeve is the solution to easy, mess free wine chilling at home and on the go.

Specially designed to allow you to cool a single bottle of wine or champagne quickly and keeps it cold for hours. It keeps your bottle at the optimal temperature. Durable elastic sides easily adjust to fit standard size wine, and other bottles too; large beers, liquor and more. The rounded top maximizes contact with the bottle for better cooling and leaves room for you to grip the bottle top to pour a drink. No more worrying about the bottle falling out and shattering. You will love enjoying your drink and relaxing with the bottle at arm's reach. Stop going back and forth to the refrigerator or dealing with heavy and messy ice buckets and coolers.

The sleeve contains pockets of specially formulated, non-toxic gel inside pierce-resistant nylon with strong, durable elastic sides. High quality construction and materials withstand regular re-use. For best performance, put in freezer for 6 hours, slide over bottle. The strong elastic keeps the sleeve snug and tight. The sleeve both chills and keeps wine cool for hours. Compact design lays flat when not in use, so you can keep it in your freezer with minimal space. We know how valuable your freezer space is.

Primo Vino Wine Chiller Wrap Sleeve is portable and ideal for use on the go at parties, picnics, barbecues, beaches or anywhere you travel. Use it indoors and outdoors. Great for putting on large events to keep champagne chilled at each table such as weddings, holiday dinners and baby showers. It makes a great gift to accompany the perfect bottle of wine too. Alcohol not included with purchase.

100% Guaranteed! Don't like, return it for a full refund, but we are sure you will love it.

What are you waiting for? The Wine is calling and it's time to chill! Buy it now.

Product Features

CHILLS: Keep your wine cold without messy ice buckets or running back and forth to the fridge. Primo Vino Wine and Champagne Chiller Wrap Sleeve will chill your bottle and keep it cool for hours. The ideal, mess free solution for parties, entertaining or just relaxing at home. Enjoy your wine without it getting warm. The only mess to clean up at the end will be the empty glasses. Your guests will love it and you get to spend more time enjoying them, not refilling drinks and cleaning. EASY USE, EASY CLEAN: Place chilling sleeve in freezer for 6 hours for longest chilling time. Slide cooling sleeve over bottle when ready to use. Place bottle with sleeve within arm's reach and enjoy refilling your drink that stays chilled for hours. Simply place the sleeve back in freezer when done, so it is ready for future use. Sleeve lays flat and compact, so you don't have to worry about losing valuable freezer space. Wipe clean with mild soap and water and wipe dry with a cloth. ADJUSTABLE: Primo Vino Wine and Champagne Chiller Wrap Sleeve is made with strong and flexible elastic sides that will stretch to fit a single bottle of standard size wine or champagne. It even fits large beers, liquor, sodas and other larger bottled products. It is portable, so you take it to outdoor events or a friend's house. You can use it to help preserve your wine when traveling in hot cars. DURABLE: Made with high quality, durable and long lasting materials. Pierce resistant nylon with rapid cooling gel pockets inside. Virtually unbreakable, it can tolerate regular and prolonged use. The elastic side bands are thick and made to withstand repeated use. Dimensions when flat are 6" x 8.75" x 1". Primo Vino Wine and Champagne Chiller Wrap Sleeve is designed with a rounded top, so you can pour by grasping bottle top. No need to remove from cooling sleeve to pour yourself a drink or two. GREAT GIFT: It makes an excellent addition to the beloved bottle of wine or wine basket gift. Your family, friends and co-workers will love it. It is also an ideal solution for large events like weddings, so that bottle of champagne at the tables stays cool for the toast. Where will you take yours too next?

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